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Glass and metal welding of dissimilar connections

In the introduction of glass and metal in front of the welding, the reader has been introduced to the wetting, diffusion of the basic knowledge. Today we introduce the knowledge of dissimilar bonding (welding) to the readers. Only when the problem of dissimilar connection (welding) is clarified and resolved is it possible for us to formally enter the topic of glass and metal welding.

Analysis of Laser Processing Technology in Automobile Industry

The use of laser through the interaction with the material, according to certain requirements of the processing or molding, collectively referred to as light manufacturing. Nearly 20 years, light manufacturing technology has penetrated into the high-tech fields and industries, and began to replace or transform some of the traditional processing industry.

Advantages and Optimization Methods of CO2 Laser Cutting Labels

Digital printing technology innovation and development has greatly changed the status of label production and production. With a flexible print design, it is important to easily change the shape of the cut so that the shape fits the matching requirements. Traditionally, label cutting is performed by a mechanical stamper and a slitter blade, in which case a production shift is made by a user to produce a design specification.